Accounts +Disney learn to breach in less than a week after its launch


The launch of the streaming service of movies and series +Disney just, but it seems that in less than a week, the service is compromised where you know accounts of thousands of customers to penetrate and, it appeared their accounts on the dark web where they are available for purchase.

However, it is not clear what is the reason that presentation of these accounts to penetrate. According to some users, it has suggested that complex passwords be used may be the reason. Due to that we saw many of the operations of the hack in the past, it is possible that some of these accounts using these passwords, and thus give a hacker easy access.

At the same time, tell some users site ZDNet that they did not live were the use of old passwords, so it is still how to hack into their accounts a puzzle. And to make matters worse, it seems that the customer service of the company Disney is not useful where some complained that they are waiting on line for help for hours, without any solution.

Now, to be fair, still service +Disney relatively new, such events are fairly predictable. Does not support service option for two-stage authentication so far, this is the option that would alleviate some of these problems, but we hope it is resolved pretty soon. In the meantime, is maintaining the security of your accounts is crucial these days, or use apps to manage passwords if you are worried about how to manage all these passwords.


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