Accumulated Travis kills the markets of the Middle East

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Today announced that Travis, international company leading in the manufacture of the pocket translator, is ready for the markets Spain/Germany/Middle East following the success of her project for the second mass.

Travis Touch

The device Travis touch (Travis Touch) on the possibility of wireless charging currently supports more than 100 languages, which could be achieved by assembling 16 the editor of the translation engines, including engines of the major companies operating in the field of education such as Microsoft, Google, and a number of engines, artificial intelligence and machine learning, as that provides the most accurate translation can be obtained.

It can be your Travis the first war of the linguistic world that aim to bring about a significant shift in the style of our presence around the world; thanks to a Travis touch in facilitating understanding between everyone, where you can use it at work or when traveling or in any place. The device features ease of Use and its translation on the spot, in addition to owning a private development is more affordable because it does not lead to the depletion of the energy of the mobile phone and does not require looking at the screen or even writing, also includes a device to microphone mind the noise the machine can be used in conversations without any interruptions as a result of receipt of any call or message.

The success of crowdfunding
In order to speed up the pace of development of the device Travis touch the New, launched the company a draft of its third crowd-funding in early August, and managed to achieve its goal in about 16 minutes. The project has registered since its launch with tremendous support; it has raised more than $ 260,000 from more than 1000 hand support – by up to 527% from its original purpose – and quickly turned the project into a part of the group “the product of your favorite team view the” high-end. In addition, the company shipped more than 150,000 units, which is what makes the company Travis the largest community of effective users of the hardware upgrade.

It started shipping this month, and your foundation Travis in the midst of negotiations with partners, marketing channels, ensure the machine more to distributors at a price recommended retail totals 969 AED.

Field test
In the framework of the R & D process, the company Travis to deploy its devices in many environments in which the exact translation is of paramount importance. This has resulted in many positive results, including those received from the local police force the Dutch medical institutions and military forces that participated in the test device Travis touch. In contrast to mobile applications, the use of the mobile device to improve non-verbal communication and make eye contact.

Foundation Travis
Also available in front of the supporting device Travis touch option of donating to the foundation Travis, note that foundation Travis has been founded in order to achieve digital conversion of the language to reduce inequality; where it is not made the digital conversion of only about 120 languages only among 7,037 language in the world in the time in which an answer to almost all questions on the internet in our current world. The first project of the foundation in the establishment of the translation of the digital language of Tigrinya, the language of Eritrea and northern Ethiopia. Although the Tigrinya language spoken by more than 10 million people, he did not being converted to digital because the big companies don’t see it “commercially viable”.
“Enabling digital transformation language great opportunities in the relief work and communicate with the refugees relationship to language learning and evaluation. We feel immense excitement to see the Tigrinya language on the organs of Travis in the future.” – Elisa Gloria – Director, Foundation Travis.


About the company Travis
Company consists Travis of the team belongs to three continents and includes significant growth, the company is headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, while the production facilities are located in Shenzhen, China. Founded Travis 2017, and quickly drew the attention of the world after it shipped its first product in just eight months which led to winning several prestigious awards; among them the award for Best Emerging Company in this year. Can the team work of most of the inhabitants of the world; where the origins of its members to almost every continent. The group’s task is to eliminate language barriers in the world; so that you can wear anywhere and understand any person in the world. Focused solutions offered by the team members on the linkage between cultures and to support the talks bilingualism and provide opportunities that weren’t available before.

The goal of the company is, Travis is giving everyone the power to communicate.

This subject accumulated Travis kills the markets of the Middle East appeared on Engadget.

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