Accused Google collect data of users of iPhone the secret of its claim for compensation million £


Collected Google Inc. personal data from millions of users iPhone without their knowledge, and use that information to sort people into categories so they can be targeted by advertisers.

According to the call of the introduction of the UK Supreme Court by the campaign of Google, You Owe Us must be on the users iPhone of 4.4 million were affected by it to receive money from Googleover allegations that it had exceeded the privacy settings on devices Apple iPhone in the period between August 2011 and February 2012.

In the first hearing of the case in London, which was held yesterday Monday, said lawyers for the campaign Manager “Richard Lloyd” the information gathered by Google include ethnic origin, and physical and mental health, affiliations, political views, gender, and social class.

They added that it was also get information about the financial situation of the individual shopping habits and their geographical location, has also been put users in groups such as “football lovers” or “lovers live events”.

Then offer this data to advertisers to choose from when deciding who will provide marketing, revealed lawyers for that data have been collected through the “tracking speed” of information on using the Internet browser Safari within phones iPhone known as the “Safari Workaround“.

According to the website “’indépendant” the British, the disclosure of these details by the researcher PhD 2012, Google has pushed already $ 39.5 million to settle claims in the United States of America, hopes the campaign in the win at least a million pounds sterling as compensation to users in the United Kingdom.

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