Acer announced monitor mobile C250i LED and the display from several angles with the style of the show Porter

Company Acer announced monitor “projector” wireless mobile C250i group PL1.

آيسر تعلن عن طرح جهاز العرض المحمول C250i بتقنية LED وميزة العرض من عدة زوايا مع نمط عرض بورتريهAcer C250i Projector

Ask the company Aesir portable Wi-Fi projector “projector” C250i, which works with LED and the ability to view content from multiple angles without the need to install. Where the device supports display style porter automatic the first in the world to allow users to share smartphone content with ease at any place and any time.

Commenting on this step, said Victor Chen, head of unit digital display in the company Aesir: “the presence of Aesir innovations in the field of display devices in a device C250i which is characterized by its innovative and its ability to display from multiple angles without the need for or tripod, with a pattern width of the Porter automatic unique watch smartphone content”.

Features a C250i lightness and its ability to display from multiple angles, besides providing high accuracy, and long battery life, and distinguish it easily to use.

Feature display from multiple angles at any place and any time

Unlike other devices that require on the way to show the horizontal, the device C250i of the Aesir supports the display from multiple angles without the need for the holder, thanks to its design cylindrical twisted new which features its flexibility and the possibility to install it or put it anywhere with ease, users can put the device on one side and then “recycled” in order to find the best angle to display content on the ceiling or wall.

And the Aesir about it: “supports the connection of the vertical feature horizontal width on the wall and do the style show Porter auto. This innovative offering allows users the possibility to view the video chat or live broadcast (via Facebook or Instagram like) wirelessly using the surface of the whole show. without showing the black edges on the sides. Designed the properties of the device C250 taking into consideration to achieve the flexibility requirements of everyday use and features will appeal to users of smart phones definitely. The advantage of keystone correction ensuring a perfect fit from all angles.”

The high accuracy provided by the C250i with wireless connectivity

Despite its small size, except that the device C250i supports the display of images 1080p, with the possibility of running the device for up to five hours after each full charge, which means not having an electrical supply in long and constant possibility of its use in any place.

As users of the system can run Android, iOS, and connect their phone to the device wirelessly without the need for any links, whether in or outside the home.

The unit provides LED lighting more than 30,000 hours of work, the addition of a variety of colors that comply 100% with system NTSC.

The degree of the luminous flux up to 300 lumens according to the ANSI, a contrast ratio of 1:5,000. The device also features reverse charging, where he works as a young man the phones during development, and has integrated speakers with it – that can link wirelessly with Bluetooth – with a capacity of 5 watts to provide audio quality high when watching movies or TV programs.

Different options to connect the device

In addition to the possibility of wireless communication with the device, it is characterized by the presence of the HDMI port standard to connect and display content on a laptop or desktop computer. While providing USB ports of A and B the possibility to view the videos from smart phones or computers alike, and can run content directly upon delivery, without the need for any drivers or additional software.

In the so-called USB-A to run multimedia directly from the storage unit to get the viewing experience easy and without the need of a personal computer.

Set PL1

مجموعة أجهزة العرض "بروجيكتور" PL1 من آيسرAcer Projector PL1520i

In addition to advertise your C250i, announced the Aesir also monitors laser the new “projector” from the category of PL1 consists in (PL1520i/PL1320W/PL1220).

The group PL1 to the new as the designed exhibition of medium size, different occasions, as well as trade shows, and meeting the diverse.

These devices are designed to operate continuously for as long as possible thanks to the feature of energy saving in the lighting unit with LED technology that works up to 30,000 hours. These devices are considered supply-PL1 is ideal for displaying pictures wirelessly in different areas of work as the advertisements of commercial billboards of local, in addition to showing videos in hotel lobbies and other uses. As has been the classification of this group of projectors within the rating IP6X due to its high durability with optical engine sealed and the possibility of the display at an angle of 360 degrees and pattern width of Porter, in addition to the advantage of correcting the deviation of four corners.

System “Dreamcast master touch”: a wireless system for presentations “presentation touch screen

The development of the system of “Aesir Dreamcast Master Touch” Wireless for presentations easily, where a consists of the receivers send the same stylish design to replace the wire, while the device works right after delivery without having to program, and can switch signals between bidders 0.1 seconds.

Can control the device through touch gestures, where the response time is short to view Photos less than 100 milliseconds.

The utilities system Dreamcast master touch of the company of the Aesir with the devices PL1 to adjust display settings with all the safety in the meeting room.

Hardware prices and availability

Will be available to monitor the laser “projector” C250i of the Aesir in Europe, Africa and the Middle East as of January 2020.

In will start its prices in Europe from 539 euros; in North America from 489 dollars; in China, prices start from 3,299 RMB.

The device Aesir PL1520i will be available in Europe, Africa and the Middle East starting from the month of November for the current year 2019.

Prices will begin PL1520i of 1,499 euros in Europe; and 1,299 USD in North America; and 12,299 RMB in China.

Referred to devices may vary in their details according to geographic region, so you can get the details of the most comprehensive of the company’s website.

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