Acer announces cooperation with “Can” which is the most famous professional live broadcast “will continue” on the platform of Twitter

 Announced here Test Mike “had” my bell you, one of the most professional AirPlay Direct “will continue” on the platform “Twitter,” a global ambassador for the “predator” business, to contribute to the promotion of computers and screens “predator” custom games to his fans and the gaming community as a whole.

Said Vincent Lin, assistant vice president for marketing and planning global product company Aesir: “we are delighted to join The had one of the brightest talents in the world of gaming to the family of predator”. He added:”We look forward to finding new ways to cooperate in the announcement of the latest products Predator fans of the brand to the community of the games on a wider scale”.

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By he had expressed his happiness saying: “I am pleased and honoured to cooperate with predator”. He added: ” previously worked on the design of systems dedicated to making it yourself and equipment characterized by the highest standards. In truth, requires the broadcast of the daily performance high devices that I use and I think the computers screens predator of the Aesir is the theme to meet my requirements backup “.

Recall that the head, which has more than 6 million followers on the platform, “Twitter”, started his career as a professional player in a game of CS:GO, after the arrest of competitive play, turn to a specialist in the live broadcast “will continue” working full-time. Since then, succeeded in the formation of a tremendous base of teachers through the pages of his personal on social networking sites.

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