Acer stresses on the lifetime of charge up to 20 hours in the laptop TravelMate P6

Device TravelMate P6 is latest computers mobile targeting users in the field of working with compact design supports rapid development with battery life lasts up to 20 hours.

Acer- New TravelMate P6

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Announced Acer device TravelMate P6 one of the possible versions of the design of portable small size, can easily, with strong design supports the business efficiently, so I knew series TravelMate of computers Acer professional with a strong system.

Also offering Acer this version slim design of magnesium alloy it features with a thickness of 0.65 mm, with screen size of 14 inch, also this release features support standards MIL-SPEC spill-resistant design scratching or trauma.

Also this release supports protection measures with reader-fingerprint feature camera webcam the existence of shutter compact, but keeps a battery life that lasts up to 20 hours one of the most important features of your TravelMate P6 from Acer.


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