Achieve accommodation from the FOMC on Facebook about privacy

مارك زوكربيرغ

تحقيق مارك زوكربيرغ

The Commission confirmed the Federal Trade us that there is an active investigation on Facebook about violating her privacy 50 million users use their statements for political purposes, which is named after the scandal of the Cambridge Asia.

The Committee added that realizing Facebook won’t be public will be achieved whether Facebook violated the decree for the use of users ‘ data and share with third parties is signed by Facebook in 2011, and if convicted, Facebook will be fined a$ 40,000 for each violation, the Committee began the investigation after the high reflexes against Facebook regarding their use of gas sound data of the users which make them lose a lot of its market value in addition to the participation of many users and influential in deleting their account from Facebook.


The achievement set of the FOMC on Facebook about privacy appeared first on the tech world.

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