Acne Buterin explained his words about the end of growth of the stock market. What did he mean by that?

The statement of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin about the end of the rally thousandfold growth of the cryptocurrency market have caused the dissatisfaction of the majority of industry participants. Now the entrepreneur explained his position, adding that prospects for growth in the market is still there. His words leads Ethereum World News.

Buterin explained that he was not talking about the market as a whole, but only of the impossibility of 1000-fold the growth rate of coins.

Why falling the Ethereum?

I never said that the cryptocurrency industry as a whole there is no space for growth — it was about the courses coins. In the current situation, the growth of 1000 means that the market capitalization will amount to 200 trillion dollars. That’s 70 percent of all the money in the world.

The businessman added that the industry’s growth will be associated not with an increase in the number of investors, and with the development of new technologies. For example, these include decentralized applications and extension applications of the blockchain.

I’m not a pessimist. The media that has misinterpreted my words, forcing his readers to act like Justin San (co-founder of BitTorrent, and well-known cryptofascist — approx. ed).

Last week acne Buterin saidthat allows for the scenario in which the rate of Ethereum will fall to zero. According to him, this can happen due to problems with bloccano coins.

Is there a future for ETH? Please share your comments in cryptodata of hontarov.


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