Acne Buterin: kriptonyte develops in the wrong direction

Buterin welcomes the establishment of the first cryptocurrency exchange-traded Fund. In his view, ETFs do have a chance to raise the Bitcoin price to a new high.

However, the global adoption of the currency is not affected. Vitalik said that, cryptocommunist also need to think about the possibility of small purchases in the crypt. This writes NewsBTC.

Where is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin

According to the Creator of Ethereum, the industry is moving in the wrong direction. He wrote about this in his Twitter.

I think everyone is paying too much attention ETF on Bitcoin/Ethereum and something else. We have forgotten that people need to be able to purchase a card with Bitcoin in the amount of from 5 to 100 dollars in the shop. In the first case we get the growth rates, while the second — global industry acceptance.

Opinion acne is not agreed, the General Consul Huobi UK Josh Goodbody. The expert says that without large investors kriptonyte not be able to fully develop.

New financial instruments in the industry will attract institutional investors. Not everyone wants to constantly monitor their private keys. If this function will run the Fund with a normal reputation, the market is waiting for a new rise.

Recall, for the last few days Bitcoin has managed to overcome resistance level at $ 8,000 on the news about the creation of the first ETF for the cryptocurrency. Then happened a small pullback, and now the market situation is stabilized. While all bidders are awaiting new news about the stock Fund VanEck.

If anything, expect them with us in cryptodata.


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