Acne Buterin offered to do the transaction Ethereum anonymous

We need a first step towards privacy — this statement was made by the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin. He published a post on the portal HackMD with a description of the principle, which will help the users of cryptocurrencies to hide their activity on the blockchain. “Minimum mixer” Baterina hiding addresses when sending a fixed amount of ETH.

How to become anonymous

According to Vitalik, users can perform transactions two ways. The first is standard shipping coins from one purse to the second, and the whole financial activity is clearly visible on the blockchain. The second is the use of multiple wallets, that though as-that to confuse the trail. But in this case, the transaction can establish a connection between the addresses.

That is why Buterin proposed to create two smartcontract — “mixer and relay register”.

The level of anonymity depends on the number of people who potentially may come transaction. For example, I send you 1 ETH, but you can’t exactly determine who, exactly, you got the coins (I, Alice, Bob or Charlie). In this case, the level of anonymity is equal to four. The bigger the network of people, the better.

The principle Baterina does not require any new Protocol Ethereum. His idea can bring even a separate group of users. A researcher from Gnosis Eric Conner believes the ease of integration of its main advantage.

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At the same time, the idea Vitalik require additional costs to remain anonymous, users will be forced to pay more commissions. However, he Buterin not consider it a serious obstacle.

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