Acne Buterin responded to the criticism of Ethereum enthusiasts Tron

Co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin on the eve reacted to the taunt in the address of your project. In addition, he resorted to a curious historical example to describe fans of Bitcoinwho have expressed sympathy for the community of supporters of the Tron project. Buterin said that they are the “perfect example” of the Association of Nazi Germany with Japan during the Second world war.

The struggle of Ethereum and Tron

The statement was the message of the lover’s Bitcoin and developer UDI Wertheimer. Maybe jokingly, maybe seriously he said that Tron “better” Ethereum. Here’s the tweet that started it all.

твит биткоин эфириум

Tweet UDI

We assume that this statement was some form of so-called trolling. Your UDI published tweet after tweet appeared brand Emoji cryptocurrency Tron. That is, if you write on a social network hashtag #Tron, the framework will append the logo of cryptocurrencies. The Ethereum this Emoji is not — hence the reason for the statement.

Graphical support # hashtag originally appeared at Bitcoin. Then, Emoji have received coins and Coin CRO Binance. As noted by the representative of The Block resource Larry Cermak to realise the brand Emoji company needs to buy ads in the social network on at least 50 thousand dollars. If the information is correct, this year the platform is nice work on the cryptocurrency.

Acne saw this tweet. In response I attached some screenshots with the content of the article psychiatrist Scott Alexander, describing the features of the strange Union.

I think this is a strange comic statement to the Bitcoin community may be a perfect example of the principle described in the blog Slate Star Codex.

Slate Star Codex is the blog of Alexander, which in 2014 was published the now-deleted article entitled, “I can be tolerant to everything except outsiders.” In the publication of a psychiatrist describes the formation of the Union of the Third Reich and Japan during the war, despite the huge difference in race, culture and language.

As noted by Alexander, between Japan and Germany at that time had friendly relations, which is quite strange. The Nazis hated the German Jews, although they lived with them in one country and spoke the same language. With the Japanese they were different, but a common enemy United them. According to the doctor, enemies are likely to become very similar people.

Distant mention of that in the forties of the last century, committed mass genocide, was puzzled in cryptocommunist. Acne hastened to clarify the situation: he was not going to insult anyone by mentioning Nazis. Moreover, we are not talking about their crimes, and more General details.

Here is the explanation of the choice of the example from Vitalik.

The author analogy is the author of the article, not me. He talks about the cultural aspect of the historical situation, which in itself has nothing to do with genocide. Unfortunately, the publication of Scott’s so good that nothing else illustrates his wide point of view with the same quality.

Buterin also added that deficiencies in Tron ten times more than Ethereum even from the point of view of an avid fan of Bitcoin. Therefore, the Wertheimer’s statement makes no sense.

Ethereum is often considered a mortal enemy, but Tron, at least psychologically, is regarded as a crazy distant uncle, which is just cool to be friends.

UDI asked whether Vitalik is so much hurt its publication. Here is his answer.

No, it’s just fun to read about the phenomenon and see it in action in a different context three years after publication.

Vitalik thinks funny hostility to Ethereum by fans of Bitcoin and Tron. According to the developer, the project of Justin Sana enough serious disadvantages, however, because of the General dislike of the other Ethereum people can not see them. Overall Buterin simply raised the issue of the so-called tribalism in the world of cryptocurrencies, that is a bad attitude to representatives of other groups — in this case cryptocurrency.

We believe that such tweets — even in comic terms — is not going to benefit the industry. Obviously, the project developers and members of the cryptocurrency community it would be better to focus on improving their own blockchains and not find faults in others. This approach will be much more useful, and the coins for this will become popular.

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