Activate PayPal Egypt and of by Visa mail source esybuy Easypay

تفعيل باي بال مصر والسحب منه عن طريق فيزا البريد المصرى ايزي باي Easypay

Services are Bank PayPal financial services are distinct from the rest of the banks electronic other but facing the users PayPal Egypt a lot of problems about activating your account and also withdraw PayPal within Egypt and today we will provide how to activate PayPal Egypt and also withdraw the amounts existing within the PAYPAL Egypt a movie the source material.

Visa mail source to activate the PAYPAL Egypt

Go to the post office in your wallet and ask me Visa mail source easy Bai Easy Pay villa consists of only 25 Egyptian pounds, you must bring the ID card.

Will you, the employee, within the mail application Visa mail as shown in the following picture

After you fill out the data and pay the sum of 25 pounds you will be introduced to employees, the mail envelope inside the villa to charge the card the amount of 100 Egyptian pounds until you can do it


Steps to activate Paypal visa mail source

Sign in to your account in the PAYPAL site and the pressure on the Wallet or the wallet then add card Add Card

Enter the numbers of the front of the card and validity date and also don’t forget to choose the type of card Visa

Will be added to the card but you have to confirm you do it will be charged 1.5 euros from the card what is equal to 40 EGP will be refunded after activation of the card within 24 hours.

Confirm the activation of your VISA card you will see the following page

To get the four digits required to activate call the hotline of the Bank on No. 16789 and ask the customer service to give you the number to the last process has been through the Villa the customer service representative will tell you the four numbers required and then click on the Confirm the Confirm.

Now the card is ready for you amounts existing in your account by receiving funds to your account and pressing the withdraw funds and determine the amount to be transferred to the account of the Villa the new.


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