Active corners on Mac: what is it?

Despite the simplicity of OS X, beginners are often quite difficult to deal with a Mac, especially if they had for several years used the device on Windows. However, even experienced owners of laptops and desktop from Apple may not know many tricks of this operating system.

One such opportunity is the “Active corners”. Why is it convenient? They allow you to use the corners of the screen of your Mac for instant action. For example, moving the cursor to the bottom left corner, you switch the computer into sleep mode, right — turn on the screensaver or open a blank desktop and so on. Hot corners can be configured and today we will tell you how to do it.

First you need to open the settings of OS X and then log into Mission Control. Here you will see a menu “Active corners” — we need it.

The choice you will be presented with several actions.

Here, for example, one of my configurations. It is necessary to quickly move away from the computer and turn the screen saver to hide the screen from prying eyes? Easily!

I wonder why many Mac users still do not use this feature, because it is very useful. Especially useful if you urgently need to access your desktop when you are working with a dozen programs.

By the way, in order to quickly extinguish the screen of your Mac, you can use Shift (⇧) — Ctrl ( ⌃ ) is Power. I press this combination, the screen will immediately turn black. After you have cleared the screen, and then want to continue working with the computer, you are prompted to enter the administrator password. So OS X protects your computer from outsiders.

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