Activists urge Google to dismantle the same before it’s too late.

Student activists are shareholders in the company – parent company of Google and her sisters – the company to dismantle itself before forcing its producers on it, this claim after the calls to dismantle the company Facebook, which appeared during the recent times.

Aim group SumOfUs – it is a US-based group working to reduce the increasing power of corporate – to submit this proposal at the annual shareholders ‘ meeting to buy the day Wednesday in the Hall of the offices of the company in Sunnyvale, California.

While officials in the United States, the European Union is worried about their market power to buy the in the light of the restrictions on the celebration, said the group SumOfUs: “we believe that shareholders can get more value of the reduction of strategic voluntary in the size of the company compared to sales of assets imposed by the producers.”

Excludes observers that this proposal will stand a realistic chance of success, as it has (Larry Page), and(Sergey Brin) – co-founders of Google and the biggest executives purchase the – about 51.3% of the votes of the shareholders.

However, these invitations to appear increasingly focused on the likelihood of taking action to combat fraud against the company have and other technology companies, such as: Facebook, Amazon, which is facing the reaction of political and public about privacy issues, and that has been by now these companies to the world’s information.

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Referred to the US President (Donald Trump) criticized Google Inc. most of the time, claiming without proof that the search for them across Google’s search engine gives negative results about it. Has proposed to regulators in the United States should follow the lead of their European counterparts, and squint at the tracks technology companies, but it did not propose any specific treatment.

The Reuters have quoted earlier from the month of June from their sources that the U.S. Department of justice, and the FTC continue to investigate whether Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook are going to use their market power is immense.

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