Acupuncture was the cause dangerous damage to the lungs

Acupuncture also known as acupuncture and therapy Zhen-jeou is still widespread in China and is used in other countries as an alternative medicine. Despite the skeptical attitude of many people to its benefits, it still remains a popular method of treatment of diseases of the nervous system and internal organs, and is also considered a good remedy for chronic pain. However, sometimes acupuncture can be life-threatening — especially if therapeutic needles are in the hands of an inexperienced therapist.

The essence of acupuncture is that the therapist sticks fine needles into various reflex points on the human body. According to traditional Chinese medicine in these areas of the human body circulates “the vital energy” and acting on them with the help of needles, you can improve the health of the person.

Lung damage acupuncture

Probably the 79-year-old resident of Portugal was well heard about the healing effect of this therapy, and therefore appealed to the hospital of Lisbon with chronic back pain. She was appointed and conducted a session of acupuncture, but after it got older women have other problems — a few days later she went to the same hospital with shortness of breath.

Doctors quickly discovered the cause of the disease — her right lung was pierced, and between the surrounding lung tissue accumulated air. The hole was done therapeutic needle, which was introduced under the shoulder blade of the patient. This area is considered particularly dangerous because there can be light at a distance of only a few centimeters from the skin surface. Apparently, the therapist chose the wrong angle and calculated depth, and eventually collapsed a lung women.

Fortunately, after surgery under local anesthesia and of course pain, the woman went to the amendment. She was the victim of a very rare case, because in all of Chinese literature over the past 30 years is described only 201 piercing the lung during acupuncture. Experts believe that patients must be aware of the existence of such a risk, and therapists, in turn, know all the dangerous spots.

The use of acupuncture

Opinions about the use of acupuncture vary — someone who believes that the procedure works due to the placebo effect, and someone I am sure that the therapy can calm the body pain and other health problems. Technology is scientifically proven only in China but in other countries it is more commonly known as part of alternative medicine.

At the moment, the generally accepted evidence of acupuncture use does not exist. All the arguments boil down to the fact that the philosophy of Taoism any disease is considered to be a consequence of disturbances in the circulation of life energy. The acupuncturists also concerned with what impact on the point of circulation and bring its flow to normal.

In medicine, there are many scary and interesting in their own cases. For example, at the Euroanaesthesia Congress in 2019, Australian surgeons said in the breast of one of the patients, the hospital the fire broke out. How this happened can be read in our material.

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