Add a feature on GitHub to allow support developers financially through the area

إضافة ميزة على GitHub تسمح بدعم المطورين ماديًا عبر المنصة

Announced the platform GitHub and owned Buy Microsoft announced the launch of a new feature to help application developers and systems open source, where it added an option that allows to support the developers financially as a reward when you add any development to code a lot on the product.

Developers can activate the feature “Sponsors” of the New through the option of “Sponsor me” in their accounts, and thus the option will appear to the users about the possibility of supporting them financially, but this option will be available to developers on the systems open source.

إضافة ميزة على GitHub تسمح بدعم المطورين ماديًا عبر المنصة

And GitHub they won’t take any percentage of the amounts paid to developers during the first year, which means it launches for the benefit of the long level to get through the percentage after the first year.

But in every case, submit a feature similar to reject Hamas developers to work on various projects on the region in order to generate income in new ways.

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