Add Chrome lets continue browsing from another device running Windows 10

One year ago today, Microsoft announced its Timeline feature in Windows 10 which allow to synchronize the recorded web pages and applications between different operating systems and devices like Android and iPhone and even Windows 10.

What was lacking in that feature that it supports only browser Edge, meaning you can start a web page from edge on Android follow computer Windows 10, but now features supports the browser months Chrome by adding its own launched by Microsoft officially.

By downloading the add Web Activities will enable you to sync browsing history, browser Chrome between multiple devices running Windows 10 and access to it through the viewer Timeline feature.

Of course this involves risk and in particular where to add send to Microsoft a copy of the record of your browsing so you synchronize it with other devices you own.

As we know that Google has the same feature where you sync browsing history Chrome on different devices, but Microsoft wants to simplify the process through a timeline feature which can be accessed from the task bar or by pressing the Windows logo button and the button tab

Worth noting that store add-ons Chrome as well as Firefox it has Add-ons similar to doing the same task, but it is not official from Microsoft, and now the company filed resolved to the Chrome browser web browser Firefox to see if it would pay him also or not.

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