Add-ons “Adblock” threatening your device with malware

According to a new report there are a number of add-ons Adblock exist on the App Store own additions to the browser Google Chrome which can infected your machine with malware to penetrate it, according to these additions alone I got over 20 million download by users until now.

Although the new research that is connected to this information would benefit many people and protects them only to the presence of malware in add-ons browsers is not new exactly where these plugins have access to the account data of the user of passwords to browsing history and credit card data.

Discover Andrey Meshkov that these plugins are copies of real extras for ads where the use of the developed key words powerful to show up in search to get a large number of downloads works a large number of victims to five extras. And even not to believe them he has copied the names of the extras proximity to with the change of the description to show at the top of the search.

Immediately inform Google of their existence the company on Tuesday, the deletion of these additions amalgam of the store where she came to the names of the plugins as follows: AdRemover for Google ChromeTMوالحاصلة on more than 10 million users وuBlock Plus winning more than 8 million users despite being completely fake Adblock Pro winning more than 2 million users and HD for YouTube ™ award-more than 400 thousand users وWebutation winning more than 30 thousand users.

Began discovery when the researcher downloaded the Add Adremover of the Add-ons store and began to examine her, where he discovered codes JQuery rate-it is one of the libraries of Javascript famous – which orders to obtain websites visited by the user and sent to the server.

Used these plugins a number of tricks so as not to be revealed by the researcher to discover the rest of the plugins which used the same tricks used by the first Addendum.

And go you always make sure to get the correct plugins reliable before downloading it, definitely keep some precautions but in the end you’re trying to narrow the scope of exposure to harm when you use them in general. In the event you use a lot of different plugins it is best to use another browser to deal with important data and sensitive like your credit cards as this would only need to penetrate once to your money.

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