Add-ons Google Chrome and Firefox to leak users ‘ personal data

Plugins browser of a very famous such as Google Chrome and Firefox have questionable behavior in relation to collecting private user data if you know that there are millions of users of these plugins and on top of add-ons blocking ads however, these perceptions may have become more dangerous where they not only collect your browsing history private users but also collect other data as sensitive as credit card information, medical records and bank.

According to an independent lawyer in the field of information security and Cyber Security which Sam Jadali this data is leaked to the suspect named Nacho Analytics which, in turn, give your information and also the information of millions of other users for other companies in exchange for small sums ranging from ten dollars to fifty dollars.

From the data which was leaked to the Find tax returns, invoices, your company’s documents and also files of the presentations, as added Sam that these plugins are also capable of leaking the files that are traded via the site Messenger also files in very sensitive such as patents. Added Sam to the most notable of those additions is the HoverZoom and for! And FairShare Unlock.

Also one of the most serious factors about the news of our day is that no one is safe effective of these plugins even if not used at all because if you communicate with someone who uses these plugins you will be also -sort of – at risk especially if you share your sensitive files.

Source: Beebom

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