Add restaurants the prices of food.. the specification of the new Google Maps

You Maps Google is currently developing the app to include in the update new option to select a restaurant for a meal, and not only that but also to improve the food required and their details and prices, there have been previous visitors to the restaurant to take pictures and they are on the table and publish it on their account on the website of the social media, and the type of food that they eat but definitely this does not give enough information about the restaurant or the meal.

Google Maps and restaurants

خرائط جوجل تضيف المطاعم والوجبات وأسعارها في تحديثها الجديدGoogle Maps adds food restaurants and their prices in updated New

I took the giant Google the thought of it and developed it and added those new updates, so that the individual can browse the app to select a restaurant which can be contrasted dinner like, identify the food you want to eat and price comparison between the different restaurants, but says that update complete information about every restaurant in general in terms of meals provided and their prices.

So now is not the disclosure of the way in which the application will work, where there are leaks that will be through the Technical Working Group pictures that are posted on the Google search engine, tabulation and classification, while others contend that there will be a team of programmers and specialists in that area, for an integrated application is added in Google Maps.

Confirms officials google it will be the right of the restaurant published a photo of him met stabbed on the photo to edit or delete them, in case of error attached to it, whether this error provide incorrect information about the restaurant or meal, or derived from the person who posted those pictures but it will be supported by the evidence.

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