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Last November became google fi available for many phones including the iphone but with some limitations that require you to edit some of your MMS, the lack of support for voice mail in the phone client the original, in the last update not added a Google-fi visual voicemail to iOS at the beginning of the launch it was subscribers can Google Fi the receipt of the voice mail as text messages.

Where it was known that the primitive way of the texts in the series talks a record of your number, a message number, length and (if applicable) and reminders that users can connect their audio to hear the message.

Google update fi the last

تحديث google fi الجديد يضيف خاصية البريد الصوتيGoogle update fi New adds the feature of voice mail.

With version 1.5 became the visual voice mail is now available in the app Google Fi, which adds a tab to the fourth in the bottom bar, is note the number of unread messages at the top of the screen where the client requests contacts (provide names) and permissions information during setup, with the view Note list basic details such as name, date, and length, as well as a preview for.

Will be expanding the feature to listen to notice the complete message and the option to hear the sound easily, there are tests to put the speaker and re-dial and answer via text and delete it, when the arrival of messages, will alert users to open and view it quickly.

It is worth mentioning that Google Fi recently celebrated the memory of her fourth, the cost of calls and text messages unlimited $ 20 per month, while the cost of data $ 10 per GB in all over the world, offering Fi on an unlimited plan called protection bills which start automatically when participants used more than 6 GB per month ($60), with data not stored even 15 GB, and can even buy SIM cards from Best Buy In addition to shop Fi on the internet.

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