Adobe acquires Marketo vs 4.75$ million

أدوبي تستحوذ على Marketo مقابل 4.75$ مليار

Announced a giant development of applications and Systems, Adobe, announced the acquisition of the company Mercato! ” Marketo” in the huge deal it reached 4.75 billion. As appears from the name of the company, they are linked to marketing, where the developer of the system of marketing and sales for many areas.

Interestingly, that company Vista Equity Partners had been acquired on the market Toronto in 2016 compared to$ 1.8 million, but after less than two years will achieve a profit of $ 2.95 billion after selling the company to Adobe.

The move of Adobe to increase the access of its users to make themselves closer to the institutions and business, where they will be able to raise its capacity in this area thanks to the integration of many systems and techniques in their services to the cloud, making it the biggest company providing apps systems traditional, to a company able to provide all the systems that help organizations succeed.

While the companies such as Microsoft, SAP and cloud services to manage business resources and analysis, the Adobe put themselves in a strong position in the areas of trade and thanks to its acquisition of supermarket Toronto urgent kiss.

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