Adobe announces Photoshop version full for iPad

Exception Adobe to bring its services to mobile devices through custom apps in the past years, but she couldn’t make Photoshop in its full version for Android or iOS, but a version watered down offering parts of the program months to improve the graphics and digital photography.

Andrevealed Adobe today finally developed a full version of Photoshop is going to launch by 2019 for the iPad from Apple, as the app uses the same codes for the program on the computer desktop to provide the same functionality on the iPad.

This means that the user will enable the trading of the same project between iPad and computer, where the as are apps that rely on cloud sync, done by user from his project, on any device find it stowed when you open the project on another device.

According to the review Adobe, the interface will be application Photoshop on iOS familiar to the user the usual, where limited modifications on menus and toolbar for easier navigation, a touch-screen.

Recall that delayed bringing Photoshop to the iPad, despite coming to Windows devices is the inability of the devices to withstand the consumption of the software until the launch of the iPad Pro; in this regard, you may learn the adobe palace of the app support on the model of the iPad Pro the strongest, knowing that we were waiting for the announcement of the iPad New through 2018.

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