Adobe announces the advent of the application of the Photoshop ” real ” iPad in the next year


Was Adobe applications to improve pictures always available on mobile devices, although it will be different compared to its counterparts available in the computers so that they offer only the basic features to change during development. However, this is about to change because next year the company will Adobe release application Photoshop full on tablet the iPad.

According to Adobe, they said that this new version of the application Photoshop similar system available on personal computers, but it has been redesigned its interface to fit with mobile devices. According to the company Adobe, has stated by saying : ” has been re-designed for the touch experience a modern, application Photoshop CC on the iPad will power and accuracy similar to those available on computers. Will allow the application of Photoshop CC on the iPad, users can open the original PSD files and edit them using the tools basic image editing in Photoshop will be introduced to the layers of Photoshop, the well-known “.

There have been some revisions in the past, applications Adobe on portable devices, such as the application of Adobe Lightroom, paying tribute to some of the reviews on the app because of its speed and performance which is better compared to the version for personal computers. Difficult to know whether this version of the application Photoshop will be the same speed, but since it won’t be the version of this app until next year, we believe that there is still some work to be on the Adobe done.

There was also no mention of the price, where it is still not clear whether Adobe intends to sell the app by buying a one-time, or whether it requires a subscription service Creative Cloud as usual lately, or whether the customer currently subscribed will receive a copy of the iPad from the application of Photoshop CC without any additional fees.



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