Adobe bring application Lightroom to store the Mac App Store with free version subscriptions

Have become users of Adobe Lightroom now a new way to install the sign in a photo editing application backup through the store Mac App Store. I got the Apple TV on Lightroom from the applications that have been prepared to launch or returned to follow the Mac App Store, the redesigned system in MacOS Mojave last summer at a conference of developers WWDC 2018.

Application Lightroom in the store Mac App Store available to download for free with in-app purchases, which allows you access to the app after the free trial for 7 days. Customers can choose a monthly subscription of $ 9.99 or pay an annual subscription 118.99 USD. Join Lightroom to apply Photoshop Elements 2019 and that its price 69.99 USD as the Adobe only to store the Mac App Store.

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Fills Lightroom to store the Mac App Store, a vacuum left by Apple when they were off a professional photo editor, Aperture. Have indicated the Apple TV for users of Aperture who are looking for an alternative application more tend to experience Lightroom.

Customers can still use the Lightroom through a range of Creative Cloud from Adobe at the same rate as the subscription, or enjoy the benefits of the Mac App Store to manage updates and installation easier.

تطبيق Lightroom إلى متجر Mac App Store

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