Adobe fix the bug that makes the program, Adobe Premier Pro has the speakers in the MacBook Pro

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We’ve heard of programming errors in the past resulted in the ruin experiences of use. However, we have heard recently a report about how that was caused by a bug in Adobe Premiere Pro on system MacOS in the bombing of the speakers on the computers, MacBook Pro, and damage it permanently.

The good news is that Adobe has since then fixes the problem in the last update of the program which says to upgrade to version 13.0.3. Being the launch of this update while we’re talking now, so if you use this software on MacBook Pro Your, you’ll be better for you to accelerate and update the app so as not to tire the speakers in the MacBook Pro for your.

According to the company Adobe, has stated by saying : ” received Adobe a small number of reports from users about a problem in Adobe Premier Pro which can affect the speakers in computers MacBook Pro modern. Released Adobe an update to fix this imbalance through the Creative Cloud to help address this problem. Please upgrade to version 13.0.3 “. Having said that, it is not clear what will happen to users who know the speakers on the computers of the MacBook Pro their own development because of this bug.

Not offer Adobe any indication if it will work users who have been affected by this bug, so it is still unclear what will happen at this level, but we hope that the company with the necessary direction of their customers.


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