Adobe incorporated the services of her company Typekit under the Creative Cloud, Adobe Fonts

أدوبي تدمج خدمات شركتها Typekit تحت Creative Cloud باسم Adobe Fonts

Typekit is a company that provides fonts support requirements driven was acquired by Adobe in 2011, to the company yesterday about changing the name of the Typekit to become known as the Adobe Fonts folder and programs under the police services provided under the platform, Creative Cloud for its creative and integrated services, where users can Adobe who do not pay subscriptions to access service to a group of fonts via card their own definition of our “Adobe ID”.

And features launched by the genre is also being abolished the specific feature of sync to use the fonts, which means that the user can select any font to use in any place, whether across the web or on the desktop, as the company announced the added 3000 New Line Encyclopedia, where came the new fonts from multiple sources, the company will launch sets of lines daily throughout the thirty day rule.

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