Adobe intends to provide a copy of the full Photoshop for iPad in 2019

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أدوبي تعتزم توفير نسخة فوتوشوب كاملة لأجهزة آيباد في 2019

Company plans Adobe Adobe, the developer of software and digital design known to launch full version of app Photoshop Photoshop own for computers, iPad, iPad from Apple, as part of a new strategy to make their products compatible across multiple devices and enhance the sales and subscription, this comes after several steps over the past eight years, according to the assessment agency Bloomberg , it is likely that the application appears for the first time in the conference Adobe max MAX creative annual in the month of October, to reach the market in 2019, Can delay engineering to change that schedule.

The Adobe company, which is taken from the city of San Jose, California-based, you trip multiple years to improve their information programmes creative dominant, where the company converted all of its applications to the cloud in 2012, and launched a new business model based on subscription, on his way to achieving sales double with the end of this financial year, which has led to the rise in its shares by more than 700 percent.

Began Adobe recently put their products to the amateur, who prefer to work on mobile devices rather than a laptop, however, the company did not provide full versions of the best applications known for portable devices.

Confirmed Scott bielski Scott Belsky, senior producer Creative Cloud, the company is working on a copy of the application Photoshop and other applications viewable across the various platforms, but he declined to specify the time of its launch, said bielski in an interview: “my ambition is to provide these products on the market in the fastest time possible, there are a lot of things that are required to provide sophisticated and powerful such as Photoshop and make it work on a modern device like the iPad”.

The set of Adobe’s major products, Edit Media on behalf of Creative Cloud, a subscription service that gives users access to multiple applications including Photoshop and Premiere, and Illustrator on the computers Macintosh and windows, in addition to the mobile applications associated with like Photoshop Mix on the iPhone, computers, iPad, and the apps Creative Cloud current architecture of old with different bases for each device.

And new versions of applications for users to run full versions of programs on your iPad from Apple and continue modifications on different devices, are similar to these challenges, with those challenges are carried out by Microsoft in recent years as part of its shift in the area of programs and services.

And Adobe customers, particularly in the area of media and entertainment, and to work increasingly on tablet devices instead of PCs, according to the official in the company told those customers of the company’s ability to make adjustments immediate and fast for their creative, considered strategy for the development of applications as a long-range effort will be up to Adobe’s software in the future, as there is a new version of Illustrator under development but its still far from release.

The company is trying to please the professionals who rely on the program to edit and modify photos as well as to attract them to ordinary users, where it is supposed to contain the new version of software interfaces compatible with mobile devices more clearly to users, so instead of being copies of similar versions of the current desktop, according to people familiar with the project, the new app will be an alternative to immediate program Photoshop basic, which is available since 1990, but will be displayed next to it.

And the ability to run Photoshop applications Adobe backup the other computers and iPads as a support for the device, which was put up for sale for the first time in about eight years, knowing that the Surface tablet from Microsoft able to run Photoshop since years, depending on whether they are compatible with the full version of the Windows operating system, while not able to computer iPad run a version of Photoshop your running MacOS, depending on the fact that it works with the operating system iOS iOS of Apple TV.

The Creative Suite as a major advantage for Surface, which will soon disappear, which may lead to a decline in the market, Steve Jobs was Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple, has put his vision of a computer, an iPad so that he can eventually replace laptops for many people, but growth has slowed sales of iPad over the past few years, while re models Pro, which was recently released, sparking interest in this category, and the range of new computers and software to help Apple in achieving this goal old.

And line Adobe to put the computer and iPad at the center of its new strategy multiple systems are another signal that a hardware company giant which is taken from the city of Cupertino, California giant software has evolved their past relationship, despite the fact that Apple had invested in Adobe, but that didn’t stop steve jobs from the criticism in 2010 to develop the Flash Player Flash its own, saying it harms the battery life of the device, privacy, and security.

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