Adobe is a complete copy of Photoshop custom iPad

In its plans for expansion to cloud services to mobile devices, Adobe announced it is working on the launch of the full version of the famous app Photoshop for iPad at an unknown time next year to 2019.

According to the site Bloomberg economic the management of the company has approved a plan to focus more heavily on mobile devices with computers starting in 2012 contributed to this plan in the company increase sales by a large percentage.

However, until now, did not fire Adobe no version full and police applications such as Photoshop Express is currently in the Apple App Store app store for iPad.

The new plan requires to be copy Photoshop custom iPad is part of the group Adobe Creative Cloud that means allow using the app on more than one device and start working on a Mac and type it on the iPad, and so on.

Head of product at Adobe confirmed that the company is ambitious in this regard and want to up these services to users as quickly as possible, without specifying a time frame for that.


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