Adobe launches their new application Premiere Rush CC Custom video creators

أدوبي تُطلق تطبيقها الجديد Premiere Rush CC المخصص لمُنشئي الفيديو

Within the conference VidCon famous and made visual content this year, revealed Adobe Service Project Rush, which it described as a solution of Company creators of the video and specifically on YouTube to upload videos in a comprehensive manner, and today the company announced the availability of the service, but under the name of another Premiere Rush CC on all of the desktop operating system and iOS, as on Android has stated that the app is coming in 2019.

In the same context, referring to Adobe for their new application that is designed specifically for creators of online video, with the available options to export optimized for each social platform, including Instagram, and head of a young, Twitter, Facebook, and Vimeo, and has been designed to simplify the video editing and animated graphics, with capabilities for mixing audio with the programs of Adobe and other festive such as Premiere Pro and After Effects and Audition.

One of the features of the application of Premiere Rush CC support for voice synthesizer automatic, where with this feature the app will automatically adjust the volume of the background music during the withdrawals sound, as it is powered by Adobe Sensei, which is the framework of the artificial intelligence embedded in the platform, Creative Cloud, and if you need to continue where you finished your project, you can. the fact that the application also complies with Premiere Pro.

In respect of the pricing rule with the app, it will be included via a series of plans for Creative Cloud which begins with the 9.99$ for individuals, as there is a plan to Starter Plan which allows users to create an unlimited number of projects on the desktop and iOS, and the three of them free.

Finally display Adobe also previews for new applications coming from development, including an early version of their main application “Photoshop” on the iPad, as well as the application of the explanatory new campaign name Project Gemini.

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