Adobe officially launches the application Photoshop of Revelation and iPad


In the past year, the company announced the Adobe that it would issue a strong version of application image editing famous Photoshop for iPad. The good news is that if you like the idea of having to apply more force to turn the audio on your tablet, you’ll be pleased to know that Adobe has just issued the new version of the application Photoshop officially for iPad.

Now, before you feel the excitement, we must point out that the application of Photoshop for iPad has not yet been completed 100 percent. This is because even though it provides most of the functions and features of the core, however, Adobe has explained previously that the app will not provide all the features when it is launched, will be added with the passage of time, so you must take that into consideration.

According to the company Adobe, has stated by saying : ” This is the beginning. Focusing the first version of Photoshop inspiration and iPad on the arrangement, and revision statute, and concealment, and tasks common business that they know will be useful for most users of Photoshop. Over time, we will add more capabilities and functionality as we learn more about how to use customer development Photoshop on mobile devices “.

With regard to the price, you will users need to subscribe to a service Adobe at least in order to use the app. If you already have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, you can go ahead and use Photoshop on the iPad for free. Instead, if you can’t afford Adobe Creative Cloud or do not want to pay it, then the line Photography Plan value of $ 9.99 USD a cheaper option.

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