Adobe open trial subscriptions to develop Photoshop for the iPad before it was released this year

Back to last October, it announced Adobe, it will apply Photoshop CC full for your iPad sometime in 2019. Now, the company opens officially trial subscriptions to copy iPad from this app.

In an e-mail message to users of the Creative Cloud, I have asked Adobe customers program Photoshop for iPad, so that was the message includes a link to the registration allows you to enter your email address and your name and why you want to join the pilot program.

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Unfortunately, still the details of the app version for iPad is not clear. You can subscribe to the demo version today, but there is no indication when – or if – you will be invited.

Announced Adobe for application Photoshop for iPad in its previous Adobe MAX. The company noted that the app will enjoy the many advantages available on the desktop version, including the handling of PSD files the multi-layered on your iPad Pro. As the app includes a complete toolbar with the management interface layers, filters, and all the options that will be familiar to users of Photoshop.

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