Adobe Premiere CC Rush – new app for editing video on mobile and PC

At the conference, Adobe MAX 2018, which is taking place these days in Los Angeles presented several new products. Among them – the video editor Premier Rush CC full version Photoshop CC for iPad.

Adobe Premier CC Rush is a more simplified version of the Premier, designed to help enthusiasts and mobile photography. According to Adobe, creative person, you don’t have to become an expert in the field of video editing to create cool videos. Especially if you need to mount the video on a daily basis, for these purposes, perfect Premier Rush.

The application provides the cutting tools and gluing fragments of video, color correction, and adjust other settings. Video is ready you can immediately upload to YouTube.

Adobe Premier CC Rush is now available for download in the App Store. Android users can install the application in 2019. Also there are options for Mac and Windows. The program is distributed subscription – $10 a month for a single user.

As for Photoshop CC, the version for iPad will receive the updated interface that is touch-optimized. Claimed to support Apple Pencil.

In desktop and mobile versions will be the cloud PSD files Creative Cloud CC. Because of this you will be able to start working on a project on the computer, and continue on the iPad.

If you have a desktop subscription to Photoshop CC, it will spread to the mobile version. Release Photoshop CC for iPad is scheduled for 2019.

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