Adobe reveal manipulation in the face via Photoshop

Company developed Adobe Adobe a method based on artificial intelligence; to detect modifications performed on the images, using the feature Face Aware Liquify in program Photoshop Photoshop, which has a profound effect on creativity, and our culture is visual.

At a time of heightened concern about the spread of videos and images fake, the Adobe – a name synonymous with health modified – you: she’s engaged the world these concerns, which prompted her to develop the way under the auspices of the programme of MediFor, the representative of agency research projects Advanced Defense.

Became the potential of photo editing offered by Photoshop is enormous, and it is almost impossible to tell that the photo has been changed, or modified by the program, so I decided Adobe remove the guesswork, and the way to artificial intelligence, able to discover the faces modified by Photoshop automatically.

And collaboration researchers Adobe, Richard Zhang Richard Zhang; and Oliver Wang, Oliver Wang, with researchers from the University of Berkeley, Sheng-Yu Wang, Sheng-Yu Wang; and Dr. Andrew Owens Andrew Owens; and professor Alexey Evros Alexei A. Efros.

While this collaboration between Adobe and the University of Berkeley is still in its early stages, but it is a step towards formalizing the academic way to detect changes in digital photos, and upload.

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And new research is the latest sign that the company devote more resources to this problem, it has created a professional practice in the last year tool artificial intelligence; and to detect multimedia amended, which was born by linking the objects, clone them and remove them.

The company says: it does not have any immediate plans to improve this method to a commercial product, but speaking on behalf of the company explained that way is just part of the many efforts by Adobe; the to detect image manipulation, videos and also documents.

Research uses new machine learning technology; and to detect automatically when processing images of faces, despite the fact that Adobe is proud of the impact created by Photoshop and other tools creative, they are also aware of the ethical implications of this technology, and that the content fake is a serious problem and urgent.

Designed way to determine the editing operations, which were carried out by using the tool Face Aware Liquify, which are commonly used to adjust the shape of the faces, changing facial expressions, Adobe said: may be the effects of a water sensitive, making it a test case to detect the drastic changes of light on the faces.

And two engineers to a network neuron to develop the way, trained by a database containing thousands of Faces – Before edited and after – using Face-Aware free antivirus + Liquify.

The algorithm resulting effective impressive, as can volunteers humans guess the food properly modified by 53 percent, while the answer of the algorithm is correct by 99 percent, and that the algorithm is able to suggest how to restore the image to the appearance its original non.

Hopes Adobe in the use of artificial intelligence as part of a larger set of tools to assist in the verification of the authentication of digital images, although this work is the first to discover this kind of modifications on the face, but it is an important step towards the creation of tools that can identify the parameter changes.


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