Adobe the evolution of beauty tools with artificial intelligence, in Photoshop

Working Adobe continuously on the development of photo editing tools in the application of Photoshop to offer users a better experience, come to beauty tools, new technology, artificial intelligence among the projects Adobe is working on it now to support users with a facelift more realistic, and not out of nature.

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Work Adobe on the development of cosmetic tools with artificial intelligence to provide more realistic images with tools more professional in making modifications to the photo, where the company began in two new projects to develop tools of trade, where he works on new projects to a team of researchers Adobe with a team of UC Berkeley.

Come to the new tools in the Face Aware Liquify that allows photographers to make quick adjustments on the face in the photo, where the device smoothly on the perception of the eyes, nose, mouth etc. of the parts of the face, and then give the user a button to slide to in the adjustments, such as adjusting the size of the eye, The Shape of the nose and mouth, coupled with the shift in the amplitude of the smile in the photo.

Also give new tools to the users advantage to take more control in making adjustments in images with a lot of choices available to make these changes, where the test tools on the thousands of photos on the internet, it has also been compared to the sound after modification with another set of images added modifications manually by some designers are looking for.

We have proven experience that the images that have been adjusted manually by the specialists were successful in adding amendments by 53%, while new tools to add more precise adjustments better by 99%.

Come to the new tools the ability also to locate the modifications in the photos is quick, and also the ability to recover the original image from the new.


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