Adobe XD design interfaces and user experience now available for free

أدوبي تجعل تطبيقها Adobe XD متاح مجّانًا

أدوبي تجعل تطبيقها Adobe XD متاح مجّانًا

Revealed Adobe today announced the line run free to develop its rich on definition Adobe XD, which in turn targets the designer of interfaces “UI and UX”, where police allowed people to use their application across all platforms and with all benefits free of charge.

Without his ever apply XD to cost at least $ 10 a month to try it on MacOS and Windows, in addition to Tools preview Mobile for Android OS and iOS, and with this the free users will get 100 GB of cloud storage models, the initial participation is limited and design specifications.

There is a starter plan that allows you to start with 2 GB of space and a prototype model to the active joint and special design, for there to be a hotel using a range of specific lines of Typekit, in exchange for the full library available to those who use the paid plans.

In addition to the new plan, you get XD also a bunch of improvements this year, including the ability to replace all examples of design elements allocated through your apps one at a time, and even the option to paste an object on the multi-plate with a single action, and open the file Photoshop faster while maintaining the sound effects, the process of facilitating the display of multiple pages of a file of Sketch, and even put a password to protect the specifications of your design.

Finally Adobe is saying that it has big plans for XD new in the coming months, including the development of advanced models and the possibilities of animation, and features of the cooperation of a new collective, called the plug-in.


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