Ads augmented reality you allow the experience of makeup

As of this summer, will allow Google users to experience the place through augmented reality ads YouTube. The idea is to use trade as an advertisement is interactive, and will feature ‘Virtual try on’ The New how it can look while using the product.

Launches Google new feature as a way to attract the attention of people more compared to the declaration of non-video interactive. The company says that during her audition, found that 30% of people have the augmented reality, and an average of 80 seconds in an attempt to put make-up. However, it is not clear how much this attention because of the novelty of the technique.

Google is not the only company that tried to use augmented reality in advertising. Both Facebook and Snapchat the experience of the last year, and company glasses Warby Parker has an application that allows the experience of the system to the destination using augmented reality. However, enjoy YouTube with a higher number of advertisers, which use the viewers who have interest in the experience of products before obtained.

Source: Google

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