Ads began to appear in the feature story on the Facebook


One of the features derived from the application Snapchat the most successful the network of Instagram is a feature of the story ” Stories “. These proved to be the water they have achieved a great success among the users of Instagram, so much so that Facebook decided to bring this feature to Facebook and WhatsApp. Thus, it is not surprising to know that they will now offer ads.

The ads have been defined in the feature story on the Instagram since long time, so we thought it only a matter of time before that makes these ads the way to the Facebook platform also. These ads will appear for about 5 to 15 seconds which is adjustable, which is very much like those ads that show on the feature story in Instagram. However, with the start of the Snapchat test non-skippable ads, we wouldn’t be surprised in case if your apartment is Non-skippable ads its way also to feature the story on Instagram and Facebook.

However, according to figures disclosed by the site TechCrunch, it has been suggested that the number of users of a feature story on Facebook per day up to 150 million, while the number of users on Instagram, 300 million users. It is interesting to find that the feature stories ” Status ” in the application WhatsApp is the base of users of 450 million daily users, but we believe that WhatsApp is the application of communication, thus with the use of this application by the users is higher than the Instagram.

There is currently no information about whether the ads are going to feature the story of ” Status ” in WhatsApp, in the future, but at the moment this feature is still ad-free.



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