Ads trailer from Oppo for the next versions of smart watches and wireless

The company submitted for Oppo during the events of the Inno Day 2019 offers trailer for the next generation of the company’s devices, which include new versions of wireless headsets and smart watches.

Reviewed company Oppo during the conference the Inno Day 2019 vision of the future of 5G technology in the next generation of smart devices, the company also provided glimpses of the devices connected to its launch next year.

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Confirmed for Oppo during the event, which was held in Shenzhen in China, on its plans for the next which includes many devices that support networks of the fifth generation, which come from routers, and augmented reality, along with new versions of smart watches, headsets wireless, as the company is working on the development of the technique of artificial intelligence, the assistant digital.

Has the company disclosed the router for Oppo 5G CPE that supports the connection of hundreds of smart devices at the same time, and purification 5G efficiency standards and a quick.

And it was 5G technology the central theme of Oppo Inno Day 2019 today, where she focused statements of the company Oppo on the future of this technology, soldiers to be provided by the company to develop this technology over the coming years.

Recall that the Oppo also confirmed its plans to launch a new version of smart watches during the first quarter of 2020, only that the company did not provide clear details about this version until now.


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