Advanced night mode in iPhone 11? Long overdue

A sound approach to photography is not always a guarantee of a good result when shooting with the rear camera. There are scenarios in which to achieve picture quality is simply impossible, regardless of the experience of the photographer. When shooting in low light conditions even the flagship model of the iPhone down without a fight, yielding to the devices of competing manufacturers. Of course, this situation simply could not hold the Apple and then the company decided on the development of an appropriate regime.

To improve the quality of images taken in low-light conditions, Apple has decided to introduce the iPhone 11 a special night shooting mode. This reports developed by Max Weinbach, astonishing knowledge about future Apple products. Thus, according to Weinbach, the innovation will take night photos taken on my iPhone, on qualitatively new level, comparable to the best camera on the market.

Night mode in iOS

As noted Weinbach, night mode in the iPhone 11 will work on the principle of mode Night Sight in smartphones Google Pixel. Due to the small matrix it lightens the frame at the stage of post-processing, using artificial intelligence. However, the algorithms operate so effectively that the quality of images taken by the camera of the Google Pixel in the dark, cause genuine surprise abilities software Google.

What’s new in iPhone 11

Most likely, the night mode is an exclusive function of iPhone 11, which will be released in September of this year. Despite the fact that innovation with high probability will have a software and not a hardware nature, in Cupertino with a high probability will not want to carry it on the old model, to maintain the novelty of the maximum benefits. In the end, Apple has repeatedly done so in the past, deliberately leaving iPhone users of previous generations without simple from the point of view of realization of functions.

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