Advertising campaign for the phone Galaxy Fold folding is about to begin, according to a new report


According to Insiders on the matter, it appears that the Galaxy Fold ready to enter the market because the women returned the design of this phone rollaway passed all the tests internal. As a result, Samsung now start a marketing campaign for the phone again.

It is still not clear when it will become the phone rollaway Galaxy Fold is available for purchase. It’s too late if a company Samsung is planning to launch it in the month of July, but if the South Korean company overcome a Huawei, it is better to hurry because the latter is preparing to launch her smart phone rollaway Huawei Mate X in China soon, and in the global markets during the month of September.

The main event of the next Samsung will be held in the seventh day of the month of August, an event that will be the official unveiling for the series phones Galaxy Note 10 Series. Must have at least a teaser for the Galaxy Fold in this event, because we are sure that all attendees will have their questions about this phone.

Take a look at the team DoWhatYouCan#, the state Ji of the famous Steve Aoki back in the picture advertising the latest published by Samsung two days before he holds the phone Galaxy Fold, and you can have a look at this picture above.


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