Advertising company caused to penetrate the recent Facebook data stolen 30 million accounts

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Posted to Facebook at the end of last month, you know, 50 million accounts to hack in the infusion process because of the vulnerability of the site, but last week, came back and said that the accounts that were affected and its data was 30 million accounts , almost, featured some of the speculation from the company and specialists that Russia left that gap, where they seek to influence U.S. elections.

But according to a report by The Wall Street Journal The Last, who was behind the hack process is a company of digital marketing and data, and seek to exploit this gap in the promotion of advertising as well as selling ads to other companies by demonstrating that real users were behind their participation.

It seems that Facebook users are not know who’s next on the list of stolen data, after Cambridge unit there was a network of Russian and third-party applications, and now there are companies ads.

As shown, the investors of Facebook BIG were fed up with the already floundering company’s last under the leadership of the scare amounts, so they are trying to put from his post to fight the growth of their investment rather than to decline.

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