Advertising on YouTube is about to become more annoying


Come a lot of YouTube videos are accompanied by advertising, for videos long, then there are several paragraphs of the ad. Usually these are booked ads during playback of videos that are more than 10 minutes, but it seems that YouTube decided to change these requirements, and now the video duration is 8 minutes or more are also eligible.

According to YouTube, it has stated by saying : ” today, videos that exceed 10 minutes are eligible to show ads in the middle. As of late July, will be the videos of which exceed eight minutes eligible to view the ads in the middle of the video. As part of this change, ads will be displayed during playback of all videos current eligible videos, which will be filed in the future, including videos that may have you modify the appearance of ads where previously “.

However, she explained YouTube to content creators who do not wish to embed the ads in the middle of the video their own they will have the option to manually to edit in any new video is raised. Although that doesn’t mean that content creators want to include less ads because the ads help revenue, but ads can sometimes be a distraction. and we imagine that there may be some content creators who worry that this will lead to avoid users watch their videos in the future.

Expected to take effect later this month, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing more ads in the middle of the short videos in the future.

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