Advertising solutions digital innovative “LG” might come a revolution in the field of advertisement banners digital

Presented “LG – LG” on the sidelines of its participation in the European integrated systems 2018 ISE held currently in the “Amsterdam” of the Dutch, and which means by the audiovisual industry, global, range of advertising solutions digital innovative that knows a lot of them for the first time.

Talk to milk new ad launched by “LG” environments large stores and advertising outdoor in public, and screens OLED transparent with open frame provided by the company for the first time, systems, video walls with an ultra-slim.

The company presented a display/banner ad transparent measurement of 55 inches of OLED, which is the newest product of the company in the market of solutions ad screens. The screen display in an image screen is infinitely thin and fully transparent, making them look at a picture of a transparent glass wall when you turn off the display of the content on it, preferably this innovative product breaking new ground for use in advertising within the museums and art galleries, so that products can be placed behind the screen transparent glass, to be used for the screen in the display of product information or add visual effects especially attractive.

And label the other adult in the “LG” of products is a video wall thin edges which does not exceed the thickness of the edges of 0.6 mm, making it suitable for use as a video wall to advertise or to add to the decor of the stores and businesses. Also provided company banner video advertising is the most brightness at all in this area, strongly lighting $ 1500 nits (unit of brightness of light) and wait for the police to determine the AD screens that grades of brightness revolution in the field of advertising in the places, meet the same high lighting.

The company introduced through the other set of products in the field of digital displays and lack of digital among the systems the flight information display known as (FIDS) which carry the advantage of preventing the reflection to see the best of travellers, and plates IDB interactive digital possibility of converting them to with write and support multiple users writing at the same time and share ideas, as well as a new system of meetings of the video comes screen measuring 65-inch developed in partnership with Cisco.

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