Aesir put her laptop “Swift 5” in the Saudi market

آيسر تطرح حاسبها المحمول "سويفت 5" في السوق السعودي

The Aesir her laptop Swift 5 in Saudi market after its global launch of the financial period, the device comes with distinctive design was awarded the “Red Dot” for product design offers ease of use thanks to enjoy a flat screen LED 14 inch and weight up 0.97 kg.

Enjoy Swift 5 screen type LCD display with IPS technology which offers the visual experience is high, as is characterized by the structure of the smooth made of alloy of magnesium and lithium to give it rigidity and lightness of weight at the same time. The device also comes with a processor Intel Core i7-8550U, next to it contains the memory of the SSD or a storage medium the tail of the steady state and a capacity of 512 GB, it also has a RAM memory with a capacity of 16 GB, and a wireless connection to the fifth generation 802.11 ac.

And Han Mohamed, regional director, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Middle East, said: “Every time I hold the device Aesir “Swift 5” I can’t believe it’s that lightness and durability. He’s my boyfriend, perfect in all my travels encountered. I invite every man acts for the acquisition of the laptop Swift 5”.

It is worth mentioning that the device has a USB 3.1 Type-C first generation with the ability to transfer up to 5 GB per second, it also brings two USB 3.0 ordinary one with feature charging during power outages.

Besides the advantages of the former, The Swift 5 operating system Windows 10 from Microsoft, also offers the experience of high protection with Windows Hello to read the fingerprint.

All interested can purchase the device in the Saudi market through the portal stores Greer exit versus 5,999 SAR.

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