After a long wait, Apple decide not to launch the base of the AirPower for wireless final!

The base of the Apple AirPower for wireless charging announced by Apple late 2017 late launched about 18 months to assess Apple has officially announced its intention not to launch the product in markets not suitable for his required standards.

بعد طول انتظار - آبل تقرر عدم إطلاق قاعدة AirPower للشحن اللاسلكي نهائياً!

After a long wait, Apple decide not to launch the base of the AirPower for wireless final!

This resolution issue on the organization in its infancy, despite the long wait and devoted by users for months long. The base of the AirPower was a wireless charging base is designed in a way that makes it capable of charging the iPhone and headset AirPods hours Apple TV with simultaneously, but for technical reasons “unknown” did not use the Apple manufactured and launched.

Read the Apple TV came on the lips of the vice chairman of hardware engineering in statements made to TechCrunch news. Did not explain the statements of the real reasons behind the failure to launch the base of AirPower and the only words flowery and apologize to the users.

What are the reasons not to launch the Apple AirPower is?

When Apple announced a base AirPower for the first time the water was basic and Major where they can charge multiple devices simultaneously (iPhone, the Apple Watch, headphones AirPods), except that the water was a big problem to Apple engineers, IT, leadership was producing excess heat when you charge those devices with.

Couldn’t Apple solve the problem of excess heat resulting from charging because the charging base, you can’t exchange information with devices charged to monitor the temperature which leads to rise to many negative effects on the internal components of the devices shipped and the shipping itself.

The base of the AirPower looks like she was mid-sentenced to fail before it sees the light of day, and if you are interested with wireless charging supported by your phone you can buy a wireless charging base other than a reliable company in regions like Samson or Anker or Mophie or Belkin and others.

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