After a long wait .. Samsung announces first phone with Android Go

With that Google company seeks vigorously to bring the Lite version of the Android System, Android Go, to the largest possible number of smartphones low specifications, in spite of the support provided by the company, except that the number of devices that work for is still very limited, as it does not exceed the number of fingers of two hands.

It is well-known companies, which launched smartphones running Android Go, mention Huawei phone Huawei Y3 2018, and Motorola with phone Moto E5 Play, and the HMD with my phone Nokia 2.1, and Nokia 1, Inc. Alcatel phone Alcatel 1XK, Inc. ASUS phone ZenFone Live L1.

The strange thing is that Samsung, the largest maker of smartphones in the world, too late to join in those companies, but that’s changed now, after months of leaks, here’s the Samsung announces Galaxy J2 Core, which is the first Smart Phone not Android Go.

And like the rest of smartphones made specially for the Android Go, comes phone Galaxy J2 Core specifications low because the wave of users in emerging markets, but unfortunately it seems that it doesn’t come with one Android raw phones the other of the same category, as it comes with fewer pre-installed applications.

And Galaxy J2 Core Screen Type TFT display measuring 5 inches and accurately 960×540 pixels, it also offers random access memory “RAM” size of 1 GB, and internal storage space capacity of 8 GB.

The phone features Processor type Exynos 7570, camera background accurately 8 megapixels with a Lens Aperture of f/2.2 and a 5 MP front. It also features the phone battery with a capacity of 2,600 mA/hour.

Is available Samsung ask Galaxy J2 Core new in Malaysia and India as of 24 August 2018, to be launched in other markets in the near future. No information about the price.

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