After a long wait Spotify launches in the Middle East

بعد طول انتظار سبوتيفاي تطرح خدمتها في الشرق الأوسط

Think music service Spotify is months in the world for e-services, especially on smart phones, but in spite of that, it has continued since its foundation in specific areas without expansion in other areas, but that will change in January, according to the Report, website Music Business Worldwide.

Start Spotify in service in the Middle East and North Africa in November of this year, according to the magazine Variety , the spokesperson for the company did not spend anything when commenting on it, where he said “the maximum the goals of Spotify is that the service will be available in all states, but we don’t have any news to share about the Ask service in the Middle East.”

Returning to the first, the Spotify sent an e-mail to one of the agencies advertising in the Middle East talking about her desire to find 6 signs in the area to advertise are not when starting, and at a cost 200,000$ each.

It was the Swedish company has opened 7 new offices in different regions of the world, including Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, has also announced about the function of the editorial in the emirate, which promotes the credibility of the news.

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