After a lot of wall climbing will continue as a public

بعد الكثير من الجدل تسلا ستستمر كشركة عامة

In recent weeks, the house is a lot of controversy about the conversion of the company delivered to private and remove them from the stock market the U.S., which led by its chairman and its founder Elon musk. But it seems that the question of the transfer of the company to the private ended, at least for now.

Was musk has confirmed that there is funding set to transform the company into private, and public investment fund Saudi level to ensure support of the company after conversion, especially after the acquisition of approximately 5% of the value of the company.

However, musk is usually to confirm that his company will remain public after the messages received from the core investors, who preferred to keep the company as is in the stock market.

He said the President delivered “to review the messages you have received, it seems that most of the investors of the company see that we are better as a public, as expressed by some institutional investors expressed concern about the idea of doing this step.”

It can be said that it was clear in advance of a permit to the head of delivery, where the public investment fund of Saudi Arabia has invested million in the company lucid motors main competitor to in America.

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