After about two years of launch, close the application HQ Trivia

Problems relating to costs, the announcement of the closure of the application competitions and awards HQ Trivia.

بعد نحو عامين من إطلاقه إغلاق تطبيق HQ TriviaAfter about two years of launch, close the application HQ Trivia

Between now and then, we see a new app become popular among users overnight, similar apps such as Flappy Bird or Trivia Crack, and quickly spread the application of competitions and awards HQ Trivia after the release on iOS in 2017, has increased his popularity upon its launch in late the same year on the Android operating system, but unfortunately, the company that stands behind the app will be closed, which means that stop the app from working, of course.

In this regard, the published television network CNN that the company HQ is responsible for the application mentioned, is able to raise additional funds from investors to continue the mechanism of action of application, as noted CEO of “Rus Yusupov” e-mail “is no longer the main investors willing to finance the company, and HQ operations and go to the solution”.

In the same context, he explained, “Rus Yusupov” he was hired a banker to assist in finding investors and partners additional support for the expansion of the company, and while you find a buyer, find the deal at the last minute.

Finally, this is not the first time that you killed one of the popular applications among users, aside from the reasons the amendments were, and we in turn hope always to continue with us, happy stuff.



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